No Way Back (A Carly See FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 2)


NO WAY BACK (A Carly See Suspense Thriller) is book #2 in a chilling new series by mystery and suspense author Rylie Dark, which begins with NO WAY OUT (book #1).

FBI Special Agent Carly See, a star in the elite BAU unit, hides a terrible secret: she can speak with the dead. The murder of her sister, still unsolved, plunged her life into grief and awakened a new power within her. Sometimes messages come from direct contact, other times in dreams. All of it feels like a curse—until Carly realizes she can harness her new skills to solve cases. But her abilities are unreliable, and Carly must use her brilliant mind to complete the puzzle—all while struggling to keep her secret from her colleagues.

Up against a new serial killer whose M.O. seems to be to kill his victims momentarily then bring them back to life, FBI Special Agent (and psychic medium) Carly See is flooded with confusing and contradictory messages from the other side. In one moment the victims are dead and able to communicate—but in another, silence ensues. The messages are too clipped—and time is running out.

Pushed to her wit’s end—especially as she receives new messages about her sister’s death—Carly must hold it together and learn to depend on her talent while trusting her investigative skills.

But when her visions lead her to some place she could never expect, Carly calls into question everything she knows. Caught off guard, she may have taken it too far this time—and she may just be in deadly danger herself.

A page-turning thriller packed with twists and turns, secrets, and harrowing surprises you won’t see the CARLY SEE series is a mystery series that will have you on the edge of your seat, endearing you to a brilliant and unique new character and having you turning pages, bleary-eyed, late into the night.

Book #3 in the series—NO WAY HOME—is now also available.